3 Ways ISO 9001 helps to maintain service levels

ISO 9001 is a standard that ensures that organizations of any level deliver a good quality product consistently by setting out a criterion to be implemented. It is widely recognized among the global businesses that implementation of this standard brings many benefits for the organization including customer satisfaction, cost reduction, improved productivity and overall efficiency. However, even after a long time your QMS has developed, your customers will still expect quality products and services from you as they did in the initial phase of QMS development.

So, let us see how can this standard help in constantly maintaining the service levels to be at par with the customer satisfaction levels and make the business more profitable.

ISO 9001:2015 – Can it help maintain service levels?

ISO 9001 is basically focused on a number of principles pertaining to quality management including customer focus, continuous improvement, management involvement etc. (ISO consulting companies can guide you further). All such components of quality management have an essential role to play in Quality Management Systems, but when on a longer term, quality has to be achieved, what areas of the standards need to be given special attention to?

Let’s elaborate them and study how they can assist:

  • Documented information: This standard is not much prescriptive regarding the kind of documentation an organization needs to keep, nevertheless, statements of work and process maps can assist in ensuring proper training of the existing and new employees. This can be quite crucial in maintaining the levels of service.
  • Changes and control of service: This clause of the standard is emphasized upon in the ISO 9001 lead auditor training and can make sure that your business organization keeps its processes maintained and that any change can be effectively executed with minimal influence on the service quality or product quality.
  • Awareness and competence: This is another factor crucial to maintaining the consistency of product or service. It is very important for your business organization to ensure that the employees have all the knowledge, complete awareness and the required competence regarding implementing the standards. This will result in consistent service delivery critical factor in maintaining service or product consistency. Awareness and competence comes in various forms, from ensuring that yours employees have adequate knowledge of changing targets to ensuring fundamental training is regularly undertaken and refreshed from time to time. But correct management of this element is crucial to the maintenance of service levels.