5 Travelling Wishes That You Need To Fulfill

Traveling is not just about checking out the latest destinations and attractions. You travel to fulfill certain things and tick off your travel bucket list. For some experienced travelers, they might think that they already did every possible thing that a traveler can do.

But there might be some things that you still need to fulfill. If you are creating a new travel bucket list for the coming year, find out here now as to what are the things you can add to your travel wish list:

  • Have a staycation

Some travelers thinks that staycation is a waste of money. Getting outside would be what a traveler should do. But there are advantages on staying inside and spend time with yourself. A staycation will give you the time to think and plan, or simply allow you to lounge and catch up on your reading and other activities. Shop around for hotels in Fujairah‌ ‌deals and craft the staycation activities that you want to do.

  • Try out adventurous destination


If you are the type of traveler who mostly go for the run-of-the-mill destinations, maybe 2019 is a time for change.  This time, you might want to try out doing something out of the ordinary. Adding adrenaline-pumping activities to your itinerary would definitely make your 2019 travelling a memorable one. If you are a little scared of doing this, you might want to try something less dangerous. When you feel comfortable enough, you can move on to the next level.


  • Pamper yourself


When you are traveling, all you can think of is to go out and see the attractions. But there are instances when you need to slow down and give yourself some good old pampering. You might want to book a spa or massage appointment and do some self-enriching activities that will rejuvenate and relax your senses.


  • Get a valuable souvenir


T-Shirt? Check. Keychain? Check.  You probably collected a number of common souvenirs during your travels. But this 2019, maybe you want to take it up a notch by collecting something out of the ordinary. If you have the money, go for souvenirs that is a little bit hard to find or collect. This can be a valuable collection should you decide to pursue it.


  • Try out the night life


You might think that the party scene is just the same on every city. But each destination offers something new, including the night life. Why not check out the location’s party scene and you might be surprised.