Aerial Photography and Videography

Aerial filming is the capturing of images from an airborne object. Such platforms for aerial photography come with fixed-wing aircraft, small helicopters, unmanned aerial systems, balloons, ultralight aircraft, stand-off vehicles, thermography drone inspections, thermoelectric devices, remote control units and vehicle mounted poles. Aerial filming in Dubai can be done for advertising, wildlife observation, surveying, video games, real estate, photography, fashion and other purposes.

The first generation of aerial filming involved huge tents that contained miniature cameras to record images. These images were later used as the base content on which the film was shot. However, it was a time consuming process and there were delays in releasing the films. Today, with the advance in technology, aerial filming techniques have been developed to provide easy, cost effective and quality imagery. This allows for aerial filming to be done for all purposes.

Two major areas in aerial photography and videography are aerial filming and aerial cinematography. In the former, the camera is trained on to the target, while in the latter, the camera follows the motion of the object being filmed. While the former style is more popularly associated with the action, the latter style is used for more low-key scenes. There are pros and cons to both styles. Experts opine that the right situation can be achieved with either aerial filming or aerial cinematography.

Recently, some film companies have begun using the new method called aerially driven “fly drones.” These drone models have no wings and, thus, are capable of flying at a higher altitude and longer distances. They can move faster and farther than any regular drone model. Moreover, the operator can adjust the height and the speed of the drone as well as the angle it flies. The only downside to this new innovation is its price; though, many top film companies are already lining up to invest in this new form of aerial cinematography.

Another way to increase the quality and quantity of aerial filming is to use the services of the aerial photography and videographers working for an established company. Many established companies are offering package deals to clients who want to rent their services. For a minimal fee, these firms can plan and complete an entire film’s project, from the initial shoot to post.