How to treat scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition where the curve of the spine or backbone is affected. The spine takes an S or C shape. Although it is visible in at a young age, it can also appear in adulthood. The softening of bones and the bulge on one side of the chest in children means you need to seek treatment as soon as possible. Scoliosis shows in disfigurement of the body. There are several reasons for scoliosis. It can be due to genetics, past surgeries of joints or spine, uneven pelvic position, head injuries, or knee or foot distortions. A non-structural curve is curable and will disappear with the right treatment, but a structural curve is there to stay forever.

You will find appropriate scoliosis treatment in Dubai, in case you suspect scoliosis. there are many exercises that you can perform at home that will help you straighten your posture.

Factors for Treating Scoliosis

Initially there is a monitoring period and X-rays done to check the curve and its condition. When suggesting the treatment, the doctor has to ponder upon the following factors to come up with the treatment.

How Severe is The Curve?

The intensity and danger of the situation is seen from the size of the curve. The larger the curve the greater is the risk. S shaped curves get worse with time and are called ‘double curves.’ There is a slight risk of danger for C curves.

Bone Maturity

Younger children have more chances of covering as the growing bones can be shaped easily. Braces are used in young children as their bones are growing and can take the shape of the brace.

Position of the Curve

 The location of the curve is another factor that determines the risk factor and the treatment method. Curves at the center of the spine have higher chances of worsening later as compared to the ones at the two ends.


Males have lower chances of acquiring scoliosis than females. Females have to be twice as much careful as men as the condition exacerbate with time.

You can read more about scoliosis to find its cure in its early stages so that there are more chances of recovering. Casting and Braces are two of the ways to treat scoliosis. There are exercises and yoga through which you can shape your spine to be safe from any danger.