5 Information You Should Tell Your Project Architect

The skills and expertise of an architect is needed to help clients achieve the kind of structure they have in mind. But they cannot do it alone. This need as many information as they can so they can capture the essence e of what the clients want.

If you are working with a number of architects in Dubai for a project, be sure to provide the following information to them for a successful project planning and execution:

  • Your design vision


One of the most important things that you need to provide your architect is the look of the structure. Some clients don’t have a clear picture of the design of the structure and let the architect work his/her magic. But if you do have something in mind, be sure to tell your architect so he/she can incorporate this in their plan and design.


  • The functionality you need


Apart from the design, it is important for your architect to know what kind of functionalities should be incorporated in the structure so they can include this on their design. You need to remember that when it comes to structure, aesthetics and function should go hand-in-hand so the space can be appreciated and maximized to the highest level. Be as detailed as possible when drawing out the building functionalities.


  • The budget


This might take a whole meeting or discussion. Clients need to be transparent about their funds and budget so the architect and his/her team will be able to create a design and plan that fits right into your budget. But be sure to make allowances. Certain changes will happen during the project execution and you should be ready for that. In all cases, it is ideal to be conservative when it comes to costing.


  • The timetable


Most of the time, the architect will provide a timeline based on the difficulty of the project, plus other factors. If you have a timeline in mind, do tell your architect. This would give them an idea if the deadline you are aiming for is feasible. They might give you an estimated timetable based on their assessment.


  • Other requests


Some clients figure out that they need something during the design stage. But, it would be best to provide this during the consultation stage to avoid design delays and frequent changes.

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