Things to know about IV vitamin therapy

There is no denying the fact that intravenous vitamin therapy or simply IV therapy in Dubai has gained immense popularity over the last couple of years. Reason for this immense popularity of various IV vitamin therapies is the positive results that they offer to treat a number of ailments. One of the most common and popular IV therapy treatment is opted by people to boost their immune systems these days.

If you don’t know already, IV therapy was introduced around 50 years ago. Commonly known as Myers cocktail has now become one of the most effective treatment for improving immune system and for good reasons. In this therapy Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Vitamin B complex are directly injected into the blood of a person to ensure they can effectively absorb into the body. Another reason for injecting IV injections directly into person’s blood stream is that there will always be chances that contents of the IV injection will not absorb properly if the recipient is sick or falling sick which reduces his body’s oral absorption capacity to a great deal.

There are many different reasons that make people opt for IV therapy. A majority of people who opt for this treatment are those who very easily get sick during cold weather due to their weak immune system. By boosting your immune system through IV therapy, you will enjoy significant improvement in your immunity to fight illnesses that you suffer from every winter.

As IV therapy contains good amount of Vitamin C which is considered very helpful to slow down the growth of cancer cells, it makes it a very beneficial treatment for those who go through chemotherapy treatment to treat their cancers. The best thing about this therapy is that it not only provides better prevention against toxicity of radiation used in chemotherapy but also support your cancer drugs in killing cancer cells effectively.

There are a number of people who deal with vitamin and nutritional deficiency which affects their overall performance and make them feel tired all the time. IV therapy can effectively improve enzyme systems by providing them enough vitamins and nutrients that are required to increase their energy levels.

If you don’t know already, IV therapy is also becoming very popular among sports persons and athletes as it improves their immune systems and eventually their overall performance significantly to help them achieve their desired objectives successfully. Look at here for more details.