5 Things You Need To Experience When Roaming The Streets Of Dubai


Dubai is a stunning place during the day. The city is busy with locals living their lives as usual and tourists bustling the city to check out the latest destination and attraction. But when nighttime falls, the city transform into something different – something exciting and fun.

If you have an upcoming trip in Dubai, be sure to keep your eyes open and spend your nights doing the following:

  1. Experience the Dubai party scene


The Dubai party scene is known all throughout the Middle East. The nightclubs are pulsating with energy and entertainment. In every corner, you will find bars and nightclubs filled with guests who are having the time of their lives. You can go for fancy parties and shindig where you can dress to the nines and enjoy mingling with other guests. Or you can attend ultimate dance parties where you can dance your heart out. There are also themed parties where you can do some dressing and role playing.


  1. Go for a gastronomic trip


Dubai is known for its food and delicacies. Apart from the sumptuous Arabian dishes, there are also food stalls who offer delicacies from different countries and continents. Indulge your taste buds by doing a gastronomic trip and food run. You can go for a shawarma takeout by visit restaurants like Aroos Damascus. For a taste of the Irish culture, you can visit the Irish Village.


  1. Take your rented car for a spin


Dubai’s logistics is known all over the world. Many tourist are amazed how wide the roads are and how organized the traffic in this city. At night, you will probably see a parade of luxury cars on the street. If you have a rented vehicle, take it for a spin during the night. You will enjoy driving the long expanse of roads and streets. Just be careful with the speed limit so you will not get into trouble with the authorities.


  1. Stroll the nearby park


If driving is not your things, you can go for a walk instead. Take a walk at the Dubai Marina and see the Dubai cityscape and the towering skyscrapers. You can just sit and stare at these architectural wonders.


  1. Puff a hookah at the Lounge


Dubai is known for its hookah lounges. You can invite your friends for some hookah session and enjoy the night away. You can enjoy a number of flavored molasses that would go with your hookah.