Things only an armored car will provide you with

Have you ever sat in an armored car? If you haven’t yet, then you should look to sitting in one. In all likelihood, you will notice a number of things that you would not have seen in an ordinary car. For instance, one of the notable things would be that the car is unlike any ordinary car that you have sat into. The differences are there, from looks to the drive. Perhaps the most important feature of an armored car is that it offers bullet proofing, which is obviously not present in ordinary cars. Some cars are designed from ground as armored cars, while another type is not designed as such, but you can add extra armoring over it if you need some. When you buy armored car, you end up getting many things that an ordinary car will not be able to offer. For instance, the extra powerful and rugged armor plating is perhaps the most notable feature in any armored car. Then, you will also note other features, which you may not find in any ordinary car. In other words, the following things are what you will get in in your armored car only:

Blast protection

Your armored car is not only bullet proof, but it is also blast proof. The entire vehicle is designed in a way that a blast will have minimum impact on the car. The quality of materials fitted to the car make it one of the safest cars to drive. Of course, the thickness and materials may vary in different models, but most cars feature excellent protection against explosions.

Environment control system

You will notice that the car has excellent ECS installed. You can use it consistently without fearing that the engine might malfunction due to overuse. The engine is designed in a way that it can sustain rugged use and the load of ECS. The cabin will become cold and hot, depending upon whether you are using the AC or the heater. The overall performance of the ECS depends upon the strength of the engine and the compressor installed in the car.

Floor armoring

Some armored vehicles also offer extra armoring beneath the car. the floor is strengthened using bomb proof materials and steel covering. This gives the car extra protection under many circumstances. The overall enhancement improves the protection level by a factor of 1 or in some cases, 2.

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