Steel Fabrication

Steel fabricators are companies that fabricate steel products. Metal fabrication is the production of metal structures either by cutting, welding, and assembling or by the reduction of their sizes. It’s a value added process involving the production of mechanical parts, machines, and buildings from various raw substances. Companies that fabricate metal products are typically found in the construction sector.

Structural steel fabricators in Dubai make frames for skyscrapers and other structures. They also make tubes for transportation. There are many different types of metals used to fabricate these structures, including aluminum and stainless steel. Some of the large construction companies in the country have a presence in the fabrication industry. These include New Jersey manufacturer Exhibitorial Services, Inc., located in West Orange, New Jersey.

There are many uses for custom metal fabrication. One of the most common is for commercial businesses. Most commercial businesses have a need for steel fabricators because it takes a lot of time and money to make certain structures or parts. For example, steel fabricators make tanks for liquidation sites, water tanks for plants and even aircraft carriers.

A large industrial building may have steel fabrication sections. This could be anywhere from floor to ceiling. These sections are manufactured in advance and put together as needed for the building. In fact, the fabricators must build the sections to specifications before they can start fabrication. The sections are usually made out of steel fabricators’ scrap, scraps and rebar. Sometimes, special sections are ordered when needed.

There are many different types of material used to make up the metal buildings and components. Some of these include steel, aluminum, fiberglass and many others. Steel fabricators must first purchase the raw steel that will be used in the project. After the raw steel has been purchased, the fabricators can start making their custom metal parts. Some type of press brake is used to hold the metal together while it is being formed. In order to keep the press brake from rusting, oil is used on the part and painted over once it is dry.

Fabricators often have to test the steel products that they make. This process is called bending. The fabricators have to make sure that the steel sections will be able to withstand any stresses that they are expected to be put under. Steel bending is usually done using hydraulic presses that force the metal into various shapes. When the bending process is complete, the fabricators must remove the bent steel sections so that they can be sent to a factory to be disassembled and refabricated. They also offer help with waterjet cutting.